Thursday, January 31, 2008

Our Wedding Was Perfect

I'm not kidding. Of course not everything went according to plan... the veil had a hiccup, the ceremony started late (which, in the caribbean is considered "on time enough"), there was some small measure of family drama, but!

Everything Went Perfectly. The veil was quickly fixed and ended up looking better than originally designed, the post-ceremony photos were SO dramatic in the insufficient light (and our badass photog can handle adverse lighting with aplomb), and all the family drama got worked out, really. I mean, we're people. The best relationships are forged on turbulent waters. :)

Our photographer, coordinator, location, musicians, family and friends were all absolutely 100% over-the-top AMAZING.

The photos are being put together right now. The photographer has threatened us with as many as 1400 images, and of course all the guests each had their own cameras, too. I put Gallery on the wedding site for everyone to upload their own photos. My WingGirl, Kit, helped me test out the installation and settings last night, and I uploaded 2 test images. The site requires registration to create, comment, or view full-size images, but anyone can view the thumbnails and 640x640 images. It's awesome. I just wish the templates were a little simpler, so I could make it look a bit more like the rest of the wedding site. I'll get it sorted out eventually.

Kia is still in Panama, touring with her father. She'll return to me Monday. In the meantime, I'm trying to get the site updated and the house cleaned up. This weekend is going to be very busy.

Mo Drama Fo' Yo' Mama

TheKnot is a trip. I got on the Destination Weddings board because my fiancee was, and because there were some very cool people there. No, really, there were. She started out on the South Florida board, but that was nothing but drama, and trying to make people cry, so forget that. DW was better, though, with everybody being quite civil and nice to each other.

Then, of course, there was this sort of implied compliance with the standard. A lot of the 'knotties' were very sweet people, and some of them came off as kind of fake. It's the Desperate Housewives sort of sweetness, which never seems quite genuine, and often glosses over a deep-rooted malice. But there were always the good people! And you have to take the bad with the good, right? So you deal.

Both of us stopped posting there in the couple months before the wedding, because the cooler people had fled or were fleeing, the fake saccharin was through the roof, and we were just wicked busy with everything. We both got a lot of emails from people. Most were curiosity or concern, which I answered. A couple were just pushy, though, like we owed the board our continued participation? Forget that.

So before departing for CR, I put up my "last post". It was nice, positive, and devoid of snarkiness - just a general update and farewell. Every response to the post was positive. I double-checked to be sure. When I returned 2 weeks later, I did an "I'm Back!" post. Every response to THAT post, however, was absolutely negative. What nerve I had posting there after my horrifically offensive farewell post, and how I better be returning with a sincere apology or nothing at all. Wow. Whisky Tango Foxtrot?

An important addendum to the story is that one of those pushy/needy knotties (THE PushyNeedy, in fact) had emailed me after the farewell post, and made a point to throw in her desperate housewives jab at how neglectful we've been in our posting. Absolutely sick of it, and wanting to focus only on the positive awesomeness of the upcoming wedding, I told in my reply to can it, and that is the sort of pushiness that makes me NOT want to participate in the community more actively.

That response was posted on another board, where no one knows me. Those people rallied behind PushyNeedy, and not knowing me, decided to hold a weighty grudge against me. So basically, there was a Let's Hate Bunnygroom rally, while I was in Costa Rica getting married. PushyNeedy organized it and led it. It has become clear that PushyNeedy is both pushy and needy as a means to gain validation. When she gets the ladies to rally around her, she feels loved and important, and then wages battle against those who don't love her enough or in the right way, or find her unimportant enough to dismiss.

I love her, because she's really a decent person when she lets up on the pushiness and neediness. She can be very sweet. But I definitely don't find her important, because she's too busy stirring up trouble to really be a positive force. This is mere observation, though. Maybe offline, she's only sweet and awesome. Either way, I have been "unwelcomed" from the DW board (without being formally banned or anything), and everyone still there hates me.

This, to me, is hilarious. I followed up on that WE HATE YOU GO AWAY post by wishing everyone well and asking any remaining friends to drop me a line. I heard from a few by email, and am very happy that I've caught up with them all. It turns out that all have left the board as a result of the changing climate there. It's a bummer, really, because PushyNeedy is a pretty good leader. If only she'd lead people on positive quests instead of organizing lynch mobs.

Now that I've gotten all this petty crap out of the way, let's get back to the positive. Fortunately, my first several blog posts upon returning from the wedding, have been entirely positive and full of joy. They just didn't go on my knot-related, wedding planning blog. They went on the private wedding blog. If any of you reading this are friends of mine, feel free to drop me a line and I'll share the address with you. Bunnygroom0108 is my gmail address. :)

Friday, January 11, 2008


Bunny got my wedding band this morning.

Someone picked up the sofa last night, and all the free space in the living room is AWESOME. We waltzed.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Final Update?

Now that most of you have given up waiting for me to update this, I'll finally get around to doing an update. :)

We've been quite busy with wedding preparations, holidays, life, work, and whatever else has come up along the way. Overall, life has been pretty good.

We fly out on Monday, and will be expecting a full entourage of 14 to accompany us through the week with one more coming in just for the wedding and reception. Including we bunnies, there will be 17 people at the wedding. Oh, 18 if you count the lawyer who is marrying us. Hah. Then add in our wedding planner, and whatever locals decide to drop by, and we could blow the roof off of 20!!!

So however you roll it, it's going to be a tiny wedding. Bunny's ring arrived some weeks ago and has been resized. My ring is made and in the mail. In fact, it's in town, but being insured, they're making bunny sign for it at the post office. We were gifted two awesome backpacks that we will be using as our luggage (Thanks, Mom!) and just need to pack them.

There are still a few things to do. I have a car I'm trying to sell. Packing, as I said. I'm still working on the playlists for the week. There are some last-minute things to put together, but nothing that can't be done in time. We can even work on some of it on the plane if we wish. In addition to her picking up the ring today or tomorrow, I also need to pick up a decent set of speakers for the iPod. Criteria: decent sound that people will be able to hear over the ocean, remote, battery powered, compact and light enough to throw in the luggage. The Altec Lansing InMotion iM600 seems like the best choice. Its li-ion battery is good for a few hours. 15W peak power may be loud enough (not sure, but whatever), and bet of all, it's only 2.1 lbs (0.95 kg)! I didn't want to spend $150, but it beats the heck out of the Bose SoundDock Portable ($399?!?). Besides, the Bose weighs 5.2 lbs (2.4 kg). I can't compare the speaker power, because Bose doesn't publish theirs.

Money is kind of a big deal. We're somewhere around a quarter of the national average for weddings, but I'm not so good with savings... so I don't feel like I'm holding up my end. If I manage to sell that car this weekend, I will feel MUCH better, though. So here's hoping.

I know there are a few more things I need to add to the list, but at this time I seriously have four things:
  1. Pack
  2. Deposit a Christmas check
  3. Pay rent
  4. Wrap gifts
The stuff I need to help out with, like the program assembly, favors, house cleaning, and stuff like that are all in my mind, so the above list is just stuff that I need to do. :)

What else do you want updates on? Things are good, here. Thanks for checking in!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Some Kind of Update

I've been busy, offline, or on other sites doing other things. Never you mind. Less time apologizing for not posting is more time actually posting. Not worrying about images will save time, too, especially considering that I'm doing this from work and don't have access to the images. :)

I got an INC jacket from Macy's for half price. It's grey. I'm going to wear it with khaki slacks (which I already have) and either leather sandals (if I find some, or just the ones I have) or barefoot (at least one of the wedding party will be). Probably a t-shirt, but we'll see. Maybe a white button-down underneath. I'll probably take both, and decide based on weather.

FI's ring has been resized, and the original inscription was saved. Cute. We will not be able to flush-mount our recycled diamonds in it, due to its thinness. That's ok.
My ring has been ordered and completed. You'll see it when I get it. They ARE able to flush-mount one of the diamonds on the interior of the band, so one is being sent to them. The ring has actually already been created and engraved ... once the ICE BLING is added, it'll be in the mail.

Most of them are out. The 3 that aren't are due to my procrastination on getting updated addresses for a few people. I'm on it!

I am completely acing the class.

The class kinda went to hell, but we learned a bit from the sessions we made it to. The only thing we missed was the Tango, and it's the next thing in our Netflix queue. The video doesn't have a great rating, but one thing we've learned is that we can learn from less-than-perfect teachers. ;D

Pretty much everything was already locked down. Peripheral lodging has been secured at Cabinas Punta Uva. Don't ask me for contact information unless you know me and I already like you. ;) They've apparently been a treat to deal with. Fortunately for me, FI has been dealing with that. And doing an awesome job, no less.

Our friends and family are coming together quite a bit better. There's intermittent drama, but all is well overall. People are actually sending in their RSVPs, which is nice. I could hardly have made it easier.

Ok, there are a couple of little tiny things, but they're really my things. I need to get on the invites, as I said. I have vows to write. I need to choose a useful, warm, non-lame gift for my WingGirl. There are a couple of other things, but they'll work out.

I still have a little time... We don't leave for 33 days. :D

Monday, November 19, 2007

Happy Anniversary

Today Facts:
  • We're alive, healthy, and happy. Share this news with everyone.
  • Seriously. They've been asking and want to know.
  • Her wedding band has been resized. (And the original 1936 Inscription was saved!)
  • My wedding band has been ordered. (And could possibly be turning on a lathe as I type this !!)
  • Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom with my bride and her MOH was AMAZING fun!
  • I am meeting the MOB this weekend! (Mother of Bride sounds more fun than FMIL)
  • In response to my poor habits, I have put myself on a voluntary spending leash.
  • The invites are finished. We need to make envelopes now.
  • Dance class tonight!
As you can see, we've been quite busy. Our lives have been quite full with work, fun, planning, preparation, and life in general. The funniest part is that I know there are several more things we have been up to that are at least marginally interesting. There was the company picnic at the zoo, where we took a ton of pictures. Disney was like 5.7 tons of pictures. Last night we ate at a super fancy restaurant.

Oh! That reminds me! There were a couple other things, too...
  • We started dating 3 years ago today.
  • We depart in 56 days and wed in 62!
That's right, our relationship is finally out of its terrible twos and is beginning to become a pretty strong little walker. We've started teaching it to write its own name. ;p Honestly, though, it's amazing to look back on everything that has happened in the last 3 years. I had just moved to Miami, gotten rejected by an apartment of grad students, and moved into a house of college students way down in Kendall. I was still flat broke from the move, but loved my new job, and was looking forward to making friends and building a social life for myself in Miami. And then I found out Kraftwerk was coming to town.

Three years later, we have made plans, taken trips, had arguments, discovered the source of those arguments, learned how to reliably avoid EVER arguing, hurt and comforted one another, been each other's rock, shared new things, discovered new things, completely fallen in love, and decided to spend the rest of our existence together.

In just two short months, we will be placing bands of immense symbolic value on one another's fingers, binding our hands together, and jumping over a broom into our new life together.

I could not be happier, more fulfilled, or more excited about the future.

[Photos will be added tonight. Feel free to call and remind me.]

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Un Hecho

Fact: My wedding band was ordered.
Fact: It's made of titanium with an inlay.
Fact: The last post was a lie. :D

My Bunny posted the facts here. (Though I know the only people reading my blog are coming here from hers.)

Also, I want my bride to know that I love her and am thinking of her right now.