Thursday, January 31, 2008

Our Wedding Was Perfect

I'm not kidding. Of course not everything went according to plan... the veil had a hiccup, the ceremony started late (which, in the caribbean is considered "on time enough"), there was some small measure of family drama, but!

Everything Went Perfectly. The veil was quickly fixed and ended up looking better than originally designed, the post-ceremony photos were SO dramatic in the insufficient light (and our badass photog can handle adverse lighting with aplomb), and all the family drama got worked out, really. I mean, we're people. The best relationships are forged on turbulent waters. :)

Our photographer, coordinator, location, musicians, family and friends were all absolutely 100% over-the-top AMAZING.

The photos are being put together right now. The photographer has threatened us with as many as 1400 images, and of course all the guests each had their own cameras, too. I put Gallery on the wedding site for everyone to upload their own photos. My WingGirl, Kit, helped me test out the installation and settings last night, and I uploaded 2 test images. The site requires registration to create, comment, or view full-size images, but anyone can view the thumbnails and 640x640 images. It's awesome. I just wish the templates were a little simpler, so I could make it look a bit more like the rest of the wedding site. I'll get it sorted out eventually.

Kia is still in Panama, touring with her father. She'll return to me Monday. In the meantime, I'm trying to get the site updated and the house cleaned up. This weekend is going to be very busy.

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