Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Some Kind of Update

I've been busy, offline, or on other sites doing other things. Never you mind. Less time apologizing for not posting is more time actually posting. Not worrying about images will save time, too, especially considering that I'm doing this from work and don't have access to the images. :)

I got an INC jacket from Macy's for half price. It's grey. I'm going to wear it with khaki slacks (which I already have) and either leather sandals (if I find some, or just the ones I have) or barefoot (at least one of the wedding party will be). Probably a t-shirt, but we'll see. Maybe a white button-down underneath. I'll probably take both, and decide based on weather.

FI's ring has been resized, and the original inscription was saved. Cute. We will not be able to flush-mount our recycled diamonds in it, due to its thinness. That's ok.
My ring has been ordered and completed. You'll see it when I get it. They ARE able to flush-mount one of the diamonds on the interior of the band, so one is being sent to them. The ring has actually already been created and engraved ... once the ICE BLING is added, it'll be in the mail.

Most of them are out. The 3 that aren't are due to my procrastination on getting updated addresses for a few people. I'm on it!

I am completely acing the class.

The class kinda went to hell, but we learned a bit from the sessions we made it to. The only thing we missed was the Tango, and it's the next thing in our Netflix queue. The video doesn't have a great rating, but one thing we've learned is that we can learn from less-than-perfect teachers. ;D

Pretty much everything was already locked down. Peripheral lodging has been secured at Cabinas Punta Uva. Don't ask me for contact information unless you know me and I already like you. ;) They've apparently been a treat to deal with. Fortunately for me, FI has been dealing with that. And doing an awesome job, no less.

Our friends and family are coming together quite a bit better. There's intermittent drama, but all is well overall. People are actually sending in their RSVPs, which is nice. I could hardly have made it easier.

Ok, there are a couple of little tiny things, but they're really my things. I need to get on the invites, as I said. I have vows to write. I need to choose a useful, warm, non-lame gift for my WingGirl. There are a couple of other things, but they'll work out.

I still have a little time... We don't leave for 33 days. :D

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