Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Un Hecho

Fact: My wedding band was ordered.
Fact: It's made of titanium with an inlay.
Fact: The last post was a lie. :D

My Bunny posted the facts here. (Though I know the only people reading my blog are coming here from hers.)

Also, I want my bride to know that I love her and am thinking of her right now.


Baby K said...

Hey Terry,

Us DW gals (relocated to the Beach board...ggggrrr) are wondering if you and particularly bunnybride are ok. We are delighted when you grace us with your intermitent presence but your future wife is a regular fixture over there and we are worryed as she is MIA. I pray everything is ok.


NoleGirl0923 said...

Hi Terry!
I was just checking in with you. I haven't *seen* Kia around much on The Knot and I was just concerned. If you get a chance, please post to let us know you guys are ok?
I hope all is well...
Take care,